easi-own partner pin card

buy the things you need and pay them off in affordable weekly repayments

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How it works

Buy the things you need from dtr and partners and pay them off in affordable monthly repayments


Apply once

You apply just once for your easi-own card.


Personalised Spending

You’ll get a personal spending limit and interest rate based on your individual circumstances.


Apply once

Activate your card online and create your 4 digit PIN number.


Buy now

Buy the things you want at out selected business partners, with no deposit, no transaction fees, and affordable weekly payments.


You’re in control

Pay off your purchases as fast as you like.

where can it be used

Use your easi-own card at all dtr stores and all our partner’s stores including kmart

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For any other questions you can contact us directly

A new easi-own card needs to be activated to protect your security and privacy. Once received, the named card holder can go here to complete activation and set the new 4-digit PIN.

The easi-own card works like a credit or EFTPOS card – when you make purchases from any participating retailer you simply swipe your card, press ‘Credit’ as the tender type and enter your 4-digit PIN.

If you easi-own card stops working, please notify us on 0800 232 500 and our team will arrange a new one to be sent out to you. Your old card will be put on hold and you will no longer be able to use this card until your new card arrives and you can activate this.

Notify us as soon as possible by calling us on 0800 232 500 to cancel your card and to order a replacement. Your old card won’t be able to be reactivated. You will have to wait until you get your new card to activate and set your 4-digit PIN.

If any goods are faulty or require repairs, return them to the retailer that you purchased them from with your receipt of purchase. You can then put the refund directly on your easi-own card.

Currently, you cannot get cash out with the easi-own card. For cash loans, see your local dtr branch to apply for our easi-cash product.

You are required to have your easi-own card to make a purchase at any of dtr’s merchant partners. You are required to use your nominated PIN when making the purchase.

To undertake a review of your current credit limit, please contact our team on 0800 232 500 who will help you through this process. This might result in a review fee, see the current Information Schedules instore or online for the current review fee.

It is entirely your choice to activate your card or not. If you don’t activate your card, nothing happens. It can’t be used in a Kmart Branch or any of our partners. However, you can still use it as identification within a dtr store.

Your interest rate for your Partners Pin Card is variable depending on your circumstances. The interest rate ranges from 19.95% to 27.95% pa. This is different, and lower than your easi-own REV account with dtr - 9.95% - 29.95% pa.

All you need to do is swipe the card and enter your pin card, no need to press cheque, credit or savings.

Your easi-own REV account is your revolving credit account through dtr which is owned by Thorn Group. You need to have one of these before you can have an easi-own partners pin card. The REV account is the account you can purchase products on from dtr, however you don’t have to purchase through dtr you simply need the account set up to enable your easi-own partners pin card account to be set up.

Sound right for you?

If an easi-own card sounds like something you’d like to have in your wallet, just call or drop in to see us so we can update your details, talk about what you might need, and get a revolving credit facility set up for you.

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