dtr service plus

"If you move house, they’ll shift your stuff"

Amy, Whangarei customer for 14 years

We want to make sure you get the most enjoyment possible from the things you buy from us. That’s why we’ve designed dtr service plus. For starters it extends the manufacturer warranty on your purchase for the duration of your finance contract, but it doesn’t stop there.

    Here are just some of the other benefits:

    • Delivery and installation
    • Servicing and extended warranty
    • Moving your goods if you shift house
    • Swapping or upgrading your product
    • Voluntary return

    Delivery and installation

    No need to borrow a mate’s trailer. If you live within your branch service area, we’ll deliver and install your purchase for you. And most importantly, make sure you know how everything works.

    Servicing and extended warranty

    Manufacturer warranties don’t always last for long. So if for some reason something you’ve bought off us breaks down during the term of your finance contract, not only will we get it fixed, we’ll provide you with a loan product to use while that happens.

    Moving your goods if you shift house

    If you move home within your branch service area, we’ll come and move the things you bought off us to your new place and set them all up again. No need to remember what cord goes where!*

    Swapping or upgrading your product

    If you suddenly think that TV you bought off us is a little small, and want a bigger one, you can trade it back in, and buy something bigger.*

    Voluntary return

    If something changes in your life (for instance being made redundant) and you can’t afford to keep up your payments, you can simply return them and put your payments on hold for up to 12 months. Once you’re back on your feet and your account is up to date, we’ll give you a similar valued, aged, and quality item as the one you returned, and you can pick up from where you left off with your repayments to complete your contract. How good’s that?*

    dtr service plus. Just another reason you’ll feel right at home, with dtr.

    Terms and conditions apply. *Providing goods are in working order and after 6 months of commencing your contract.