Panasonic 33L Dehumidifier

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More than just moisture control.

Panasonic’s most energy efficient Dehumidifier with Double Hex technology, this model improves water removal efficiency and can remove up to 33L a day while minimising energy usage.

Keep your family warm & dry – Prevent the accumulation of airborne viruses and bacteria by removing excess water from the air. A damp environment is not a healthy one, and a Panasonic dehumidifier is a cost-effective way to protect the health of the ones you love.

Quick and efficient clothes drying – Between wet weather and outdoor sports, winter often sees the laundry pile up around the house. Simplify life and get rid of the damp fabric smell in your home with this dehumidifier. It works as a quick and efficient clothes drier extracting moisture from the clothes and reducing those winter laundry backlogs.

No chemicals, no nasties, just clean air – Panasonic’s original air purification system, Nanoe™ are tiny electrostatic atomized water particles which help purify and improve air quality. The benefits of this technology include deodorising the air, removing smells and pollens, and inhibiting airborne viruses. Nanoe™ is tiny enough to penetrate into clothes in order to inhibit mould growth and deodorizing. When utilising Laundry Mode, Nanoe™ works away in the background providing additional purification benefits.

ECONAVI Mode: The smart way to save energy – Panasonic’s famous ECONAVI technology ensures that while your dehumidifier gets to work extracting moisture and cleaning the air, your wallet doesn’t get hit with a massive bill. Sensors are able to detect when the room reaches the optimum moisture level and instructs the dehumidifier to shut down, so it isn’t needlessly consuming energy. If moisture levels rise, it will restart and return the environment to optimum levels once again.

Smart technology designed with you in mind – Easy to use and with plenty of options to suit your needs, the dehumidifier is more than just moisture control. At the touch of a button select modes and options, length of time, humidity level, and monitor water levels. New Zealand homes can be damp and expensive to maintain, the addition of a Panasonic dehumidifier is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your home and family healthy.

Set & forget: 1-12 Hours Timer – Panasonic user-friendly design puts you in control. Simply set the timer to switch the unit on and off as needed.

Clean, dry air all year round - No matter the time of year, this Panasonic Dehumidifier has an important job to do for your family. Whether protecting you from pollen and reducing springtime allergies, drying out the home on those sweltering summer days, eradicating harmful damp and condensation as the weather cools, or providing a quick and energy-efficient solution to winter washing overloads, it’s all in a day work for this smart dehumidifier.


  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Temp 30℃, Humidity 80%): 33 Litres/Day
  • Full Capacity of Water Tank: 5.20 Litres
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Voltage: 230 - 240V
  • Power Consumption (Dehumidifying Mode): 330W
  • Noise: 43dB – 52dB
  • Rotary Compressor
  • DC Motor type
  • Power: Transformer
  • Super Alleru-buster Filter
  • Nanoe Air Purifyer
  • Casters
  • Continuous Drainage
  • 1-12 Hours Timer
  • Model: F-YWP33N
Dimensions 370mmW x 605mmH x 250mmD
Weight: 18.0kg


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