buy now, pay later just got a whole lot easier

12 weekly payments. Zero interest. Zero fees.


what’s easi-pay?

If you like buying stuff on ‘buy now, pay later’. You’ll absolutely love using easi-pay at dtr. That’s because your payments are spread over 12 weeks. With zero interest. And zero fees.

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here’s how it works.

It will only take around 10 minutes to apply online for your first easi-pay purchase. And once approved, we’ll set you up with 2 limits. One is your maximum credit facility limit. That’s the maximum amount you can spend in total with dtr.

The other is your maximum weekly repayment limit based on your affordability.

You can buy whatever you want from us using easi-pay, so long as you don’t go over your credit limit or maximum weekly repayment limit.

With each purchase you have 12 weeks to pay it off. And as long as you fulfil that commitment, we won’t charge you any interest or fees. Simple as that.

To find out more, call 0800 734 735, or talk to one of our team at your local dtr branch

easi-pay finance option: Responsible lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. No interest or mandatory fees are charged if minimum payment obligations are met during 12 week interest free term.

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